August/September 2023


The Milky Way spans across North-East to South-West, revealing the spectacular Emission and Planetary Nebulae at prime time observing,

Emission nebulae is the creation of  stars, the glow bright red in photographs and newly formed stars,

Planetary nebulae are the death of stars, spherical shells of hydrogen, helium and oxygen ejected into space.

The constellations of CYGNUS, SAGITTARIUS, and VULPECULA has the most nebulae in the summertime.

All images are from my 120mm Apochromatic Refractor, and 51mm

Borrego Springs, Mt, Pinos and Thousand Oaks.

Messier 8  in Sagittarius “Lagoon” nebula 120mm

Messier 20 in Sagittarius “Trifid” nebula 120mm

Messier 27 in Vulpecula “Dumbbell” planetary nebula 120mm

NGC 7000 in Cygnus  “North America and Pelican” Nebula  51mm

NGC 6992 in Cygnus  “Veil” super nova remnant 120mm

NGC 6992 and NGC 6960, the entire loop 51mm