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In 2021 VCAS Celebrated it's 50th Anniversary!

To all VCAS Members and Friends
2019 We Celebrated 50 Years since humans walked on our Moon.
2020 We Celebrated the Women in Astronomy *
2021 This year we Celebrate our 50th Anniversary

Throughout this unfortunate Pandemic You've all been so supportive. I thank you for this. I hope and pray that we'll be able to meet in person soon. I want a Star Party at the Charles Temple (Moorpark College) Observatory that will rival Burning Man (without the fire). Until then, enjoy these pictures from our earliest years. And Stay Tuned, there'll be more to come throughout the year.

A Brief History: We started in the 60s as the Oxnard Model Rocket and Astronomy Club. I Guess we were trying to beat Neil Armstrong to the moon. Details are sketchy but it appears that between 1968 and 1970 we transitioned to Ventura County Astronomy Association. Then in 1971 we began to refer to ourselves by our present name. 

Keith Salvas - Past President

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