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James Webb Space Telescope​ Tours

The JWST is being assembled at the Northrop Grumman Space Park in Redondo Beach. Contact Phil Regier at to receive information about tours. Arrival for visitors is requested by 09:00, to receive preprinted visitors' badges. The tour includes a welcoming presentation on aerospace technology, and JWST observation.

This tour will last about one and one-half hours, will require about 1/4 mile of walking between buildings.  Water and restrooms are available along the tour route.  Visitors must be able to walk up stairs.
Again:  Tours to JWST are free, and parking at Northrop Grumman is free and usually abundant. 
Please remember that no photography or recording of any kind is permitted anywhere on this national defense site.
Thanks to all who have already attended during the summer tours! Including several of our members who have returned for another look!


The spacecraft will be removed from Building M8 for environmental testing for about two months and should return and be visible again during the summer  of 2020.

Contact Phil Regier at to express an interest in a February or summer tour.

If you have a few minutes check out the video below about the James Webb Space Telescope.

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